Day 229: Two Boats and a Helicopter

I’m sure you know the old story: a man is on the roof in a flood, and a boat comes by. “I’ll save you!” says the boat guy, and the man says “what a good opportunity” and gets on the boat. Next thing you know, he’s blasted by lightning. In Heaven, God angrily upbraids him for getting into a Satan Boat and for not having faith, then casts him into the Pit.

Religion is a tricky thing to build metaphors around.

The more standard version of that story is that various avenues of rescue (two boats, a helicopter) are manifestations of divine will. The lesson is generally “take advantage of what you’ve got, and see divine will in the opportunities you have.”

All this to say that I’m trying to be more attentive to opportunities that exist for me right now. One of my standard excuses for bad behaviour is that I’ll run into some sort of milestone that will force change. My fortieth birthday. A health scare. “Finding the right exercise.” Veganism. I’m kind of a person who waits for a magic bullet and sometimes ignores the tools available.

The simple fact is, I got a lot of tools available. Technology — iPhone, food trackers, running trackers, a Fitbit, all that. I’m in the kind of health that lets me exercise. I’ve got a good job that confines itself pretty well to 40 hours a week. A supportive spouse who is also serious about getting fitter.

I’m a bit surprised I’m not more motivated.

One observation since I’ve started making observations: it definitely comes in waves. We’re eight months in, and I go through cycles (I really should plot those at some point) of motivation and disinterest. In different areas, at different times.

So today, I’m focusing a bit on the tools I have.