Day 962: Running is hard you guys

7k this morning and I can’t stop sweating, which happens sometimes. It’s humid out, but not TOO hot, so I gots the run in without feeling terrible while I was en route, but it was a rough finish. And, like I said, I’m feeling drenched right now.

I’ve been working hard on not getting down on myself about weight loss pace and trusting that health and diet will resolve itself without me beating myself about the head on scale stuff, but I have to admit the recurring theme while running lately has been “this would be easier if I was lighter”. Which is technically true.

Going to wrap this up and go down to get ready for work and also do a bit of Dry & Mighty writing — trying to get in that habit as well, of doing at least one small thing a day there.

Day 936: Slunning

That’s my new word. “Slunning”. Slug-running. Sometimes I run and kind of wish people could see me — powerful strides! Confidence! Movin’ fast!

Today, for whatever reason, I felt like I was in that Kids in the Hall zombie sketch. Doot de doot de doot de doooo!

I did it, is the important thing!

Not every day is a race day, as the wise runners say; even sludgy runs are better than nothing.

Day 932: Weird People of Running

Hitting the road at 4:20 (brah!) a.m. to run in what our real estate agent cheerfully calls a “neighbourhood in transition” means you get to see the interesting side of town, with transactions on porches, open bathrobes, bikes and little trailers filled with what I can only assume is treasure, zombie walks, and somebody yelling something at me that for some reason I chose not to slow down and check out.

So it was a good run that came with a heaping side helping of humility and gratitude. I’m happy with where I’m at in life right now, and not foolish enough to believe it’s all me: I got lucky genes, lucky with my parents, lucky with my upbringing, and lucky not to be unlucky in the thousand ways that could have taken my life in a different direction.

Day 880: Run Like Hell (Day 18 of 100)

Oh, man. “Run 5k in one direction and then run back” was definitely the winning strategy today, because left to my own devices I would have packed it in at seven. 3000 metres of torture today; leaden legs, heart thudding, just no mojo at all. But when you have to get home one way or the other, walking 3k is so much slower than running that you might as well run. Well, jog. Well, shuffle.

Tomorrow will wrap up my first Week Of Really Serious Exercise in a long time, when every day has been about putting in best effort rather than kind of just doing things. This is my third 10k in five days, and with tomorrow’s row I’ll have earned a Sunday of rest for sure.

I’m kind of enjoying the one day at a time idea, and it’s interesting now to search this blog to see if I’ve tried it before and forgotten that I did it. I sort of have. It’s weird how much of this only ever lives in my short-term memory and then gets erased.

Day 878: 1000 Snails, Trying to Make It (Day 16 of 100)

10k in SUB one hour today — 59:18, so just squeaking in there, but that’s a boost to the ol’ confidence. “One day at a time” did save me from snacking twice yesterday, too.

The run this morning took me down some misty paths, and it’s been humid in the evenings, so the one path down by King’s Crossing had me dodging snails — probably not literally a thousand, but hundreds. And I thought “there’s got to be a metaphor in here somewhere” — the snails, all tempted out by a moist night and the promise of the new, but now the sun’s coming up and the asphalt’s drying and they’re all struggling to get to safe harbour.

I couldn’t quite make it work, though. Am I the snail? Have I been a snail? They’re trying their best but get tempted into things they have to then work their way out of, maybe.

Metaphors are hard.

Day 876: First 10k of 2019 (Day 14 of 100)

So that’s got me in a good mood. Just sub 1:05:00, which is not stellar but a good start to the year, all things considered. The old strategy of “run 5k in one direction, then come home.”

I actually did the back half of the run without music because the phone kept dropping the Plex server, which actually felt pretty good. I’m not going to relitigate “music is a crutch,” but it’s good to mix it up like that.

Running late thanks to running long (ha!), so I’ll just leave this at this. Feeling way better about the remaining 80 days of this challenge now that I have my first 10k under my belt. Progress ho!

Day 814: Running Again

First run since… SEPTEMBER? That seems unlikely but looking at Strava, which was my running logger, it seems that way. I can’t see I’ve really remembered any runs in October/November, so maybe.

Six months away! It felt good, but it was 3k and then I packed it in. 5k in two days, then up to my 10ks next week. I bought some exceptionally cheap (but good) running shoes, so on the recommendation of the salesperson — who, admittedly, is there to make sales — bought two pairs, to wear in alternation so Pair A can rest while I wear Pair B, which apparently makes them last longer overall.

Off to take the cat to the vet! Last day of vacation: crack away at the book, do my taxes, clean the basement. “Chop wood haul water,” right?

Day 792: Waiting for the Run

It’s March, and I feel spring coming in the next month or so — I am in desperate need of shoes, but by and large am really looking forward to running again. I’m ready!

I’ve never been a winter runner, and Kingston sidewalks really don’t support winter running either, at least in my part of town: the city does its best, but we tend to get snow-rain-freeze combinations that result in ice all over the place. I broke my foot once, I don’t want to break my hip.

So I’m counting down to running weather and really looking forward to it. Whoo!

Day 603: Running Again, Still Thinkin’ Thoughts

6k this morning; not sensational, not terrible, but it’s good to be back on my feet. I’m going to keep thinkin’ my thinky thoughts; there’s lots to think about these days, and not really stuff I can share here (not yet, at least).

Nothing terrible! Just things I can’t share because they’re not entirely my things to share.

Good to be back on the exercise. Next up: food tracking again…