Day 937: Smatterday

Another Big Chore Day ahead, as we prepare for a week-long visit from my wife’s mom — she’s delightful and we’re going to have a lot of fun, but we want to make sure the house is good n’ ready.

That, and we’re going to see a movie at the local arthouse cinema, but it is a LATE movie! So it’s going to be a big nap afternoon, and the first time that we’ve been up past sundown in ages. Seriously. I know that sounds weird, but we’re usually in bed when it’s still light out, and I get up at dawn-ish. This will be the first time we’re outside at night since spring started.

Day 209: Ramping up the runs

I’ve got an 18k tomorrow, and I’m a bit anxious. I haven’t run that far since I broke my foot years back, and… well. This’ll be the furthest I’ve run since then. And only 3k shy of the full half-mara! So that’s… good, I guess. But I don’t quite feel psyched about it.

I guess I’m going to do it regardless, so that’s… good? I mean, it’ll take the time it takes, and who knows? It might be awesome. But my last few 12ks have been kind of draggy, so hopefully I’ll find some spring in my step.

“Bored with myself” is kind of a recurring theme this week; I ¬†think it’s leading somewhere interesting. Ironically, I guess? It’s been on my mind a lot: finding ways to make this¬†interesting, as opposed to rote, or as early identified, YAGO.

So finding some get-up-and-go right now is a priority; today is going to be pure yardwork. My wife is sick — summer cold — so it’s going to be solo work for the most part. Which is fine; there’s a lot of comedy podcast backlog for me to catch up on, and the light exercise of trimming, weeding and whacking will do me good.

It’s going to be a beautiful day, too, which is nice.

There’s also the lurking feeling that I’m missing something — an obligation, a chore — but hopefully that’ll come out in the wash. Oh, right! I have to do the laundry. That’s probably not it, but it’s something.

So it’s a keep on keeping on kind of day. I think the best thing I can do for future me is to not take on too much in terms of exercise and make sure I’m fresh for tomorrow. Some sort of minor carb loading tonight will help, too.

By this time tomorrow, there’ll be news! 18k or death. It’s not cake or death, but it’s what I’ve got.