Day 971: Things are good!

A few nights of solid sleep; whatever was instigating nightmares seems to have passed. Looking forward to school next week, and I’ve settled into an understanding of how Dry and Mighty is going to work, which is a good balance of modestly ambitious and flexible enough to not be a burden if schoolwork gets heavy.

I stepped away from writing for a minute to take a look at my “proper” course in the online course management system — and yes! There will be a lot of reading to do. I feel up for it, obviously, but I think it’s going to become a huge focus.

Broadly speaking, kind of keeping on and counting down the days til classes begin right now. Any anxiety is sliding into excitement at this point. I’m looking forward to this.

Day 970: One month to go!

Wow! School starts next week, Dry and Mighty starts in October — I think we’ve pegged the first Sunday in October as our recording date. Big things are afoot!

Full disclosure: I am still not good with tracking, and I think I’ve been worse with food than I’ve been letting myself believe. I feel heavy. And while I know there’s no “something will save me” moment in the wings, I’m kind of hoping that the back to school business will make me.. better. The rigid focus will give me a kind of splashover focus that will radiate out to other routine stuff. Because I’ll need that kind of routine to stay sane while doing work, school, and other stuff.

So it’s a bifurcated head thing, where one track is “relax now, you’ll be glad you did when school starts,” and the other track is “you fool, you’re just making excuses to eat Skittles.” I suspect the second one is correct.

Day 967: Changing Seasons

A chilly run this morning, and a reminder, along with the shifting sunrise for morning paddles, that summer’s ending. It seems to have gone quickly this year; a slow ramp into it, and then an abrupt ending. This is one of the perils of staycation — without a week of punctuation and being away, the past months kind of collapse into a same-ness.

Baked bread around a run this morning, which is fun — I like bread! And baking.

With a day in the rear-view, I think the “walk in the woods; do what you feel” approach to Dry and Mighty makes a LOT of sense. I haven’t really thought hard about the impact of six hours of class a week on my schedule, plus readings and assignments. It’s going to be a lot! Not overclocking on another project is likely the most sensible possible way of going about this.

Day 818: Scholastics

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here yet, but I’ve been formally accepted into the LLM (Master’s in Law) program at Queen’s, where I’ll be pursuing a combination of courses and mini-thesis writing with a focus on the concept of puffery — the legal conceit that makes extravagant exaggeration a legal form of speech for advertisers.

I’m excited! It’s going to mean a lot of work, of course — I feel confident I can handle it, but it’s going to be a load.

This also puts me on the clock for a few other projects, because as of September I’m going to be turning into a law-studying pumpkin.

On review, I think the thing I’m most passionate about is the book I mentioned a while back, and frankly, if I bring a higher level of attention to that, I’ll probably be better equipped to start thesis and course work in September. So it makes a lot of sense to start focusing on that as the big project for spring and summer of this year.

Day 803: Future School, Back to Bed

I guess the big news is I’ve been accepted to the LLM program at Queen’s, so as early as this September I’ll be taking classes and working toward a Master’s degree in Law. I’m an unconventional candidate for the school, not having a law degree, but I guess I was convincing in the cover letter and submitted writing work.

To say I’m nervous about it is a bit of an understatement; I’ve never been a serious student, having gotten a BAA in Radio & Television, of all things, and only having had done some online undergraduate-level work since then.

I’m also excited, obviously — the subject I’m choosing to focus on is legitimately fascinating, and I’m really happy about my choice of supervisor.

What can I do to prepare?


I mean, read and stuff too, obviously, but right now I got up at 4 a.m. with Marisa. I’ve half-assed some exercise, and now it’s back to bed so I can spring up, shower, prep food, log food, and keep on the “back on track” vibe I’ve been happy to restore since recent overwork and tragic news threw me off.

Day 509: Fostering, Studying

GREAT mini-vacation. I saw rock and/or roll, got to do the Sober Thing and be a designated driver in exchange for free concert tickets (and got to hang out with some old friends).

Today is technically vacation, but MAN am I behind on my schoolwork for the course I’m taking. Public & Constitutional Law. Learning a lot, but the other side of that is the actual “learning” part. Absorbing knowledge is hard!

Studying, and fostering… we’ve expanded the cat’s territory into the hallway outside the guest room, and my study (the hall gets blocked on the other side). Which means there’s a very talky kitty in my office a lot of the time now, needing plenty of affection and attention.

A car this morning for a better baby gate for the foster and stone dust for the front walk, recycling depot for some waste stuff, and then back to the books (and the cat).