Day 974: Okay, September!

Like yesterday but this time I’m serious.

I mean… that’s it, really, I’m up on time, about to get some decent exercise, and enjoy a day off (with about an hour of work-work in the morning).

Time to get serious! School, exercise, the whole nine yards. It’s been a good relaxing end of summer, but back to business, old and new.

Day 721: I Love Garbage

The fantasy rolling around in my mind recently has been what if I were a Serious Man. Like, I didn’t play video games. I watched Real Movies with subtitles, etc. I read academic articles instead of comic books.

Now, I do all those Serious Things already. I just do them in, say, a 1:2 ratio with the frivolous things. But I know and respect some people who seem to be 100% Serious People all the time, and they seem… fine. They’re interesting, fun people who really have a focused approach to life.

What if I were a Serious Man?

It gets back to the “candy hobby and vegetable hobby” thing I were batting around a while back. And ties to the “digital vacation” I took for three days at the end of November. I’m pretty much back to my old bad digital self, playing games on my iPhone and watching junk TV while I do chores around the house. What can I say? I enjoy that stuff. But if I were a Serious Man, I would not need that stuff. I’d be nourishing my brain with the whole wheat and spinach smooties of brain things, rather than my current brain diet of Chiclets and spam.

I’d be lying if I said Serious Man was not an attractive notion, in the same way that the whole “purge your house of everything you do not love” is an attractive notion. Extremes are attractive! They make you feel like Things Are Happening. You’re making big decisions.

And Serious People are kind of cool. I’d like to be a Serious Person sometimes.

No decisions, just noodling around for the new year. Serious Man. Hm.