Day Forty: Inspiration Stuff 5; Action is Eloquence

True confessions: until this morning, I had never heard of Coriolanus, apparently one of Shakespeare’s last tragedies and not one of his better-known plays. But I was looking for inspiration from the Bard — yes, I’m a nerd — and “Action is Eloquence” leapt out at me.

Coriolanus is about a guy named Coriolanus, he’s a great Roman warrior, it goes to his head, things end badly. Ba-dump.

And, as all great wisdom should, the wisdom in Coriolanus comes from his mom:

Audio courtesy LibriVox. 

Action is eloquence: show humility, stupid

Given that I have never heard of Coriolanus before this morning, I’m playing a bit of catch-up here. What I gather from this whole scene is that Cory, who has been a great warrior and springboarded that into a bad move into politics, has pissed people off with his arrogance. His mom is telling him to get out there and show some humility.

Not say something humble, but show some humility. I assume the knee bussing the stones means actually kneeling. I’ve been a busboy, and it’s not a job you can do with your knees.

So my initial takeaway from “Action is Eloquence” is the same as my takeaway from Barry Bostwick’s finest hour: MEGAFORCE.

Are YOU man enough for MegaForce? DEEDS NOT WORDS, BARRY.

DEEDS NOT WORDS. Damn skippy, Barry Bostwick.

But thanks to Coriolanus’ mom, I’m now looking at “Action is Eloquence” in a different and more specific shade of “show humility, don’t say it.”

Humility is important.

So I guess I’ve learned a bunch of stuff this morning: action is eloquence, Coriolanus is a play, listen to your mom, Barry Bostwick is just the best.