Day 853: I’m Not Sick, Dammit

Knocking this one out early as I woke up around 4 with a scratchy throat and all stuffed up. The question is, if I was sick two weeks ago, but that may have been burnout, and my wife’s had a bad cold since then… am I really sick now, with what my wife had?

I’m choosing not! The cats were bonkers so I got up early, I’ve had about half a liter of water and some grapefruit juice and vitamin C. I’m going to go back to bed and get my exercise in before the radio show, and then — if I feel lousy today — I’m going to try a legendary cure I remember from my university days: order and eat the hottest curry on Earth.

I’m not sick! I’m not!

Day 848: Sick Spouse

I haven’t mentioned, but my wife’s been flat out ill since Friday — mainly staying in bed, getting up for fluids and showers and a bit of food. This is actually a good trial run for me in some ways, as we’re going to try a thing where I take on 100% of house chores for May — I do all the cooking/cleaning/laundry etc. — and take on the radio show solo, giving her absolute free time outside of her job to figure things out post-drinking, because it was a big part of her life and she’s looking forward to some latitude to figure out what her passions might be if they’re not craft beer. This is a chip I’ll probably cash in when I’m working on my Master’s over the next couple of years.

Day 832: Tummy Troubles?

I woke up this morning with a legit belly ache; I’m not sure what that was all about, but after water, exercise and some coffee I seem to be back on track. Pushing through the day has powered me into feeling better, so hopefully that’s it for weird stomach stuff.

“Simplify” seems to be falling gradually into the pile of ideas that’s good in theory but doesn’t really work for me in practice; I think I’m just a magpie at heart, and it’s hard to cleanly separate some of what I do as a hobby from housework — cooking is key among those things.

Book focus is becoming key, though, and I’m getting excited about writing, which is a nice feeling. After this I’ll probably grab a bit of coffee, put 30 minutes into the book, and then it’s off for radio.

Day 778: Winter Blahs

Still a bit under the weather, and now my wife’s feelin’ it too — this is mid-February, so our working theory now is “winter blahs”. I just fired up the Happy Lamp, which is something I should use every morning.

So it’s been a not-great couple of days because of that, and I know I’m going to come out of this with a setback, but I think my goal right now is just “power through”. We’ve had a bit of a home crisis and life change recently (everything’s fine now!), and my wife’s grandmother is sadly in what seem to be her final stages of life (and her passport is expired, so travel isn’t possible). Stressors, in other words.

Hunker down, watch the food, do the 10 minutes of exercise a day, and today’s a holiday, so I’m going to kind of lean into that and goof around a bit.

Day 753: Sick Protocol II; No Apps

Still a bit under the weather, but holding steady or getting better with a ton of water drunk, a little extra sleep, and nominal (present, but not extravagant) exercise.

I can’t use tracking apps! I just can’t! The sweet irony is that there are apps out there to help you build habits, but I cannot get into the habit of using them. I just can’t get into that particular groove.

Food logging, sure; it started as a grim necessity as something that must be done on The Path, but I’m actually starting to enjoy the weird freedom of setting the day’s food in the morning and then not having to think about food for the rest of the day — just eat what’s there.

In the evening, the physical ritual of a box of paper slips that I fill out and move from “fresh” to “done” really appeals to me.

The apps? I don’t know. I’ve tried four or five over the past three years; currently I’m on Momentum. This isn’t a slight against Momentum. It’s fine. Good, even. Elegant and effective. But I just find it a lot easier to wrap my head around the paper slips, and again, the physical ritual of doing something “real” at the end of the day, phone down and put away, is very… settling.

Day 752: Sick Mode 2019

I’m not sick sick but I’m on the road to sick. My wife’s had a cold for a couple of days and I went to bed feeling logey and woke up stuffed up all to heck with a lot of sinus pressure. I’m sick! And I don’t want to get sicker.

This is the plan, as set out in the master plan for the year:

  • Not much changes. Diet stays responsible.
  • Exercise gets cut down to 10 minutes a day, and sleep is now a top priority every night
  • Try to sleep in a bit more each morning (cats may screw that up)
  • Drink water! Drink EVEN MORE water. Enforce the 2L a day regime rigorously, and stretch for 3L a day.
  • Don’t sweat weight stalls at all. Weight loss isn’t a goal, feeling better is.

That’s, er, it. I still try to do the things I’m doing, just a little less, and with reduced expectations until I’m over it. Now I’m off to drink! Some! Water!

Day 685: Still Sober After All These Years

Well, “all this year and three quarters.” It’s been a tough week! Sick for several days, and that’s knocked me on my butt in terms of recovery — not only physical, and sleep, but also work and ensuring that volunteer obligations are met.

You know you’re busy when two days semi-out of commission means three days of absolute frantic catch-up. It’s not “dropping right back into the swing of things,” it’s re-entering the race five laps behind.

I mean, life and work and stresswise, this isĀ not great. I guess it’s good to feel needed, but it certainly colours the recovery process.