Day 534: Getting Up Anyway

Foster cats! FOSTER CATS! I’m happy we’re fostering, but I’m wondering how much of the current slump streak can be traced back to wonky sleep for cat-related reasons.

Fighting back from the slump today, though — despite a 2 a.m. wake-up and sustained campaign from the foster to convince us he is a shark and terrorize our older cat, we got up at 5-ish anyway. I’m well exercised, showered, healthy breakfast and lunch packed.

Some volunteer and schoolin’ obligations to square away — this is a big week for coursework for the course I’m taking — and then it’s off to the races. I’m hoping I can dig out of the lack of exercise/diet motivation by sheer force of will. Which is weird, because it’s the will that’s lacking. It’s like I have a will to not be in a slump, but the slump is a lack of… hm.


Day 531: No-Jo

Still having my no-mojo (nojo) problem — I am certain that it will come back, hopefully tomorrow. For now, I’m telling meself that I need this rest, for whatever arcane reason, and I’ll be better for it.

Regardless, I gotta motorvate — bag the rest of my yard waste for a car thing this afternoon. Today is show, volunteer work, then runaround stuff: yard waste and pick up a composter at the city recycling depot, pick up concrete to put a post in the back yard for a hammock (!), general other Get The Crap Done.

We may be saying goodbye to the foster today, on his way to a new Forever Home. I’ll miss the little dude, but I’m happy he’s finding a permanent residence.


Day 484: Here comes May!

I’m coming out of a bad month. April has been NOT GREAT. It started off great! But went downhill quickly.

Insomnia’s been dogging me, so exercise has been lousy, and food the same. A friend of mine texted me last night about the eternal struggle, and it really does feel like that today.

So a quick one today; I need to check on the foster and grab a shower and get to work… lots stacked up from being sick last week. But tomorrow is May! New month, fresh start. Fingers crossed.


Day 465: Microslump!

Candles burning at ALL ends right now: work is busy, the volunteer stuff is going full bore with some big deadlines coming up, and… well, that’s it, really, but it’s definitely all happening at the moment.

It has not been a good week for the checklist. Mainly due to me doing the volunteer thing late enough into the evening that I’ve just been shutting the computer down and heading straight to bed.

Insomnia has also been a bit of a deal this week too — last night it was 2:30 up, and kind of in and out of sleep from then til 5. Weak will led to some cookie transgressions yesterday when the “want change more” mantra failed me.

At the moment I’m up and exercised, but super sleepy. I’m giving a two-hour seminar on how podcasting works this evening, and then it’ll probably be straight home and to bed sans checklist again.

I’m keeping up on the things okay… snacking not great yesterday, but exercise is being maintained, and sobriety is locked down. I’m not sure what to do about sleep… I’m getting to bed at a good hour and trying to sleep.


Day 430: Holy Insomnia

Wow, what a rough night! Up at 1-ish, didn’t really get back to sleep. Just a lot going on in the old noggin. Not all of it bad, even, just a lot of business.

So things are a bit off the rails right now. Yesterday was even bad for food logging. There’s really no excuse for it. I can see the downward spiral and I know I just have to pull up on the joystick to get the plane leveled out.

There’s a small part that just kind of wants to lean into it for a while, but I know I’ll just come out the far end feeling crappy and dumb. A bad night’s sleep and no exercise, but I need to put a pin in it, log my food, and get straight with the day.