Day 878: 1000 Snails, Trying to Make It (Day 16 of 100)

10k in SUB one hour today — 59:18, so just squeaking in there, but that’s a boost to the ol’ confidence. “One day at a time” did save me from snacking twice yesterday, too.

The run this morning took me down some misty paths, and it’s been humid in the evenings, so the one path down by King’s Crossing had me dodging snails — probably not literally a thousand, but hundreds. And I thought “there’s got to be a metaphor in here somewhere” — the snails, all tempted out by a moist night and the promise of the new, but now the sun’s coming up and the asphalt’s drying and they’re all struggling to get to safe harbour.

I couldn’t quite make it work, though. Am I the snail? Have I been a snail? They’re trying their best but get tempted into things they have to then work their way out of, maybe.

Metaphors are hard.