Day 577: Whole30 August!

After exercise this morning, chopping fruit — a fruit salad is the first food for August, kicking off a month of disgustingly healthy eating.

I have been a bit remiss — well, also busy — so I haven’t actually really read up on Whole30 yet. This is me kind of leaning into my wife’s enthusiasm; she wants to try it, I’m happy to give it a shot, but I haven’t really done the work yet. The program rules are here, I just have to read them.  So a little homework for me once this is done.

* * * UPDATE * * *

Whole30 is stupid if you’re not a meat-eater. They have a web page on it, but neither of us had read it carefully and it’s essentially a whole page of “but you really should eat meat!” That’s a non-starter for my wife, and I’m supportive of her on this, so that’s that.

Instead, we’re going to draft up our own plan this morning — expect a month of tons of vegetables, legumes, and fruit, no grains at all and absolutely no sugars. It’s’a be rough!

The challenge here is really going to be prep time. Making this stuff is hard. Scheduling for it is going to be a workout.

In other words, this is another sprint — August Sprint this time. Here we go!



Day 456: April Sprint!

Slept in a bit this morning; as of today it’s April Sprint, so low-food, high-exercise, no-sugar goodness. Let’s go!

I haven’t weighed myself today; despite our best intentions I don’t think it was a SUPER healthy weekend, but not a super terrible one, either. But a good Sprint will get me back on track.

At my wife’s behest we’re doing this circuit training fitness thing — lots of dumbell pushups, flutter kicks, that kind of thing. You start at 10 minutes per morning and end the month at 26 minutes per morning. We’ll see. This kind of “home Crossfit” business hasn’t traditionally worked for me in the past, but the spinning and rowing have gotten a bit stale, and it’s not quite warm enough for something different.


Day 455: Healthy Month

After a pretty good March, my wife and I are pretty much April Sprinting together, thanks to her suggestion we do a fitness challenge. I don’t remember what it is.  I think it involves burpees.

I’m all for it — I like to shake things up. But like Saint Augustine said, something something, not yet. I’m happy to have my Sunday off before fitnessing it up on Monday.

Things are going well — a reasonably healthy weekend — and after three months of keeping track of expenses without keeping a capital-B Budget, I think we might be ready to start dipping our toes back in the budget waters again. We have a LOT of savings to catch up on, so I think our time in the frugal desert will serve us well: preserve this lifestyle while splitting our new income between savings (half), sock away for renovation (25%) and travel (25%).