Day 270: Jiggedy Jig

Wow, is it nice to be back home. Structure means a lot, folks. I don’t understand how people who travel constantly manage to stay fit and/or sober. And sane. It must be a heck of a mountain to climb.

Vacation has happened before, but this rushed and impromptu vacation has really driven home how important routine is. It’s a biggie. And as much as I’ve been challenged, my wife is going to be heading out of town (with me) for an overnight this weekend. And then back to help her family next week for almost a full week. And then my parents’ for Thanksgiving. Oy.

So she’s got a mountain to climb and is going to need some support there. I’ll be here, holding down the fort (for the most part).

In other news, my Fitbit is finally dead. Plating on the charge contacts wore off. I don’t know if I’m going to bother with another one… it was okay, but I use Strava for running/rowing, and I kind of miss wearing watches. I’ll go a few months without and see… financially, this is all going to be a pretty big deal too, so saving where I can is important.