Day 226: Post-Sunstroke

Wow. Okay, this is going to be a bit gross. Heads up. Here’s the thing about being post-sunstroke, at least for me: I pooped. A lot.

I don’t know if there’s a direct correlation there, but it was like my body was saying “YOU ARE UNDER ATTACK, RELEASE EVERYTHING“. I was jettisoning ballast all friggin’ day.

But, 3.5 litres of water and a good(ish) night’s rest later, I feel more or less okay. 5k run this morning, and a full day of water-drinking ahead of me.

Another big step last night as I stepped down from a board position at the Canoe Club — I love the club, but I’m trying to strip away some things to clear some space. For work on personal projects, but also for relaxing.

So today, the focuses are going to be (a) hydration, and (b) making sure work is well sorted. This evening, some focus on getting my own projects prioritized.


Day 225: Sunstroke

Sun touched, at least. Definitely ran too late yesterday, and got too much sun. A few hours after getting back, the headache kicked in, then the general logeyness. I don’t think it was actual sunstroke, just heat exhaustion, but yesterday turned into a whole bag of No Fun for the afternoon.

So plenty of fluids later, and I’m feeling a bit better — gotta go to work, return the car from the weekend trip, etc. But a definite mindful call to start those runs early and before the sun gets up.

That, coupled with my wife having a late night out last night, meant a bad night sleepwise. So no exercise today, and a board meeting for the canoe club tonight. Full day.

A good day to re-kick-off food logging, etc. Ugh. Still feeling logey. Or maybe tomorrow, when I’m feeling a bit less spun out by sunshine.