Day 631: Up / Bed

Another up early, back to bed morning – this seems to be my solve for the mornings my wife has to get up early for work, and I kind of wonder if I’ll have to make this my MORNING morning, or if I can maintain a healthy 4 a.m. / 5 a.m. getup time split.

So: up at four, exercise as soon as feasible, make my breakfast and lunch, see my wife off to work, shower, this, a bit of correspondence, and… back to bed. Sleep til about 7:30, then off to work.

Is it weird? YES. It’s weird! This is a weird thing to do! I’ve never heard of anyone doing this before.

Does it work? Well, early experiments point to yes. I did it twice last week and kind of enjoyed it: when I wake up I usually wake up, I’m not a groggy-stumble-around person. So I can more or less spring out of bed fully dressed and just hit the road.

It’s all about making your lifestyle work for you. Lying in bed half-asleep for an hour and listening to my wife get ready for work isn’t sleep, and it isn’t productive. This is productive, it works for me, and I get better sleep.