Day 328: Hello, Basement

Recording from the basement of my parents’ house, where my wife and I are on the pull-out; speaking quietly because it’s kind of a bungalow stairs no doors thing going on here.

Brief this morning: no big sobriety challenges yesterday, but food, logging and exercise are all gonna be tough for the next few days. I think mentally I’m just going to have to take the hit in advance: it’s not going to be great, and I’m going to have some ground to make up when I get home.

Explaining what I’m doing with this to my family is… well, let’s just say we’ll keep things quick and quiet, because it would take half an hour to get through “podcast,” notionally, and things from there would just get more elaborate. So it’s going to be short check-ins for the next little while, from the basement, with my wife beside me on the pull-out couch.

Day 272: Road, road, road

Another from-away episode. I survived America, Land of Cheap Candy, but last night fell prey to the Candy Demon. So not feeling super well-controlled this morning.

I’m a routine person, and all this bouncing around is manifesting in weird ways. Candy is better than booze, at least.

And this is it for roaming for a week. Back home tonight, and then at home until at least next Saturday — my parents, Thanksgiving — and looking forward to that (relative) stability for a while.

So not the best night last night, but I can pick it up today and make some good decisions while I’m out of town, before returning tonight. The other knock-on of travel after travel is that we came home to a house with no food, so we haven’t been able to do much prep, so it’s going to be restaurants today… bad for budget, bad for diet… so we’ll see what we can get creative with.



Day 271: More Travel Adjustments

It’s hard to get back into things when you’re going to head out again. Off to Montreal tonight for a conference with my wife. So it’s turning out to be a terrible week for exercise, as I’m still working off sleep and stress debt from down south.

A good time to take a step back and focus on the overall trend line since I’ve started this thing. Otherwise I’ll get despondent. On the whole it’s been good for exercise. Good for diet. Great for sobriety. Good for sleep. Have I hit new heights? No. Do weeks like this one help? No. But life gets in the way, and that’s what life is FOR.

So good to remember that I am making progress, and I need to keep that close. I make progress so that when life happens I have some latitude to step back. Keep an eye on diet for the next few days, and then I’m back to routine.


Day 269: Heading Back

It feels like five minutes since we got here, but heading back… three days largely occupied with the business of death, helping things settle, comforting, kid-sitting to free up other folks for things. No great lessons learned or hills climbed.

Everything was… not bad. Some exercise, not crazy-eating, sober, not great but not terrible sleep habits. And now, back to cars and planes and buses and home.


Day 267: Mourning and sobriety

Gonna be short and sweet for the next few days as I check in from my niece’s bedroom. I now know what Shopkins are.

I’m very glad to be sober right now, because my default in emotional situations isn’t to get blind drunk, but it is to get significantly buzzed, and there’s a lot of practical things I can help with — ranging from niece-watching to computer repair — that I’d prefer to do not hung over.

So it’s going to be a strange few days. Somewhat for me, but especially for my wife as she adjusts to having one and not two parents here. She’s still got her biodad and stepmother in Florida, but this was emotionally pretty much her father who passed.

At any rate: I don’t think exercise will be top of mind for the next while, but I’m going to try to stay up on the water and eat more or less reasonably. And the sobriety is very helpful.


Day 266: Emergency Road Trip

Lightning fast update this morning, as I get ready to call a cab and hop a bus and grab a plane with my wife.

The big thing is that I’m going to be supporting her for the next few days. It’s a huge transition, and as I’ve been telling her, uncharted territory for both of us. Neither of us have lost a parent before. And however she handles it is the right way forĀ herĀ to handle it.

That being said, I also need to take stock of myself. This is about her, but there’s no reason to let it throw me off entirely. So I’m bringing shoes and shorts for exercise. I’m probably not going to track food, but I am going to be cautious. And sobriety is still an absolute.

I’m not much worried about this stuff. Sleep’s gonna be rough, but that’s the most recoverable of all these things.


Day 265: Life and Death

A quick update today; my father-in-law passed away in the night after a prolonged illness, so things are going to be a bit hectic for the next few days. Travel arrangements, etc. Posting from the road, which is always tricky.

I feel like this isn’t going to be much of a threat to sobriety and good habits, especially since this won’t be a “whee fun” vacation but a pretty sombre trip. But exercise is going to be a challenge. It always is when we leave town, but this trip more than most.

It’s a very sad time for my wife, obviously, and also to me. But it’s not an unexpected event, and in many ways not a tragedy as much as a resolution.

So: lots to do in very short order; again, it may be short updates for the next while.