Day 988: Houseguests, Reading

Gotta knock this out quietly — houseguests in the next room — and then get some reading done before class, either at home or heading in early to do it before class starts. Staying on top of this is entirely possible, but yeah — it’s going to take continuous focus. Marathon, not a sprint.

Things are good in a “not much to report” way — lots going on at work, as always, but we’re building more capacity and have more support falling into place, which is great, food and exercise are solid, etc.

Day 926: Drawing a blank

Second day of a two-day staycation, and… fine? I’m drawing a blank, here. Exercise is in, food’s decent (especially for a staycation!), and we made some progress yesterday with both sewing and planning for The Next Thing. Today, more of the same! Then back to work tomorrow.

Other than that… I’m good! Not much to report.

Day 894:…or tomorrow (Day 30 of 100)

Okay, maybe I’ll be back on the horse tomorrow. Last night was largely weird stomach nighmares, for pretty obvious reasons, so it was a hard get-up this morning and I’m still reeling a little. On the good side: nary a twinge while I’m awake, so I think my bad luck with my first bout with kidney stones has met a cosmic balance in good luck from this round.

Something something Sir Thomas Aquinas something.

Day 893: Pain So Great I Can’t Remember It (Day 29 of 100)

This isn’t my first time with kidney stones, but yesterday was almost definitely worse than the first time — mercifully, it looks like, short. The first time was several months (which is a really, really long time); yesterday was acute, but I seem to have passed through it overnight.

I literally can’t recall how painful it was, which is a weird sort of memory hole. I know, intellectually, that I threw up from the pain, almost passed out, and was barely capable of calling a cab or texting my wife at points. I know I couldn’t sit down and pacing was the only thing that kept it manageable. But unlike a burn, or a bee sting, or a cut, which I can summon a sense memory for, I can’t bring the actual pain to mind. I’ve blocked it out.

Needless to say, I’m happy to be rid of it (I think) — I think I passed it in the night, as I feel fine this morning, even without eight hours of pain meds. But I’m going to keep taking the urethra-enlarging medication (that’s a thing that exists!) and drinking 2L of water a day, which was kind of the plan anyway.

Yesterday and today are a bit of a wash for tracking, etc., due to, well, trauma. But I intend to be back on things tomorrow.

Day 825: Saturday Day!

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y! Day! Off to do radio momentarily, but it’s a glorious normal weekend: no time out of town, no road trips, no big shops, just cracking away at chores and food stuff. Getting the Tiniest Gallery setting up again.

That’s… it, really? I gotta run to get ready for radio. Still thinking about the whole “simplify” thing.

Day 790: Weekend Business

So busy on the weekends! It’s distressing. A busy day in Ottawa, and wall to wall stuff to do at home today. Laundry! Radio! Podcast! Cleaning! Tiniest Gallery fix!

My co-host for WAFFLES! this morning is going to watch soccer and nap. I’m genuinely envious, but have to remind myself that I do it to myself — I take these things on, so I can hardly complain when the chickens come home to roost. But definitely feeling a bit frayed around the edges today; I was hoping a day in Ottawa and on the road would make me feel like I’d had a bit of vacation, but being the driver / car-renter / accommodation-booker / car-returner is just kind of more job as much as it is a break.

Proper vacation coming in about three weeks… I just need to keep my head down and bear away on that.