I slept fine but still woke up exhausted, so after cats/lunch packing grabbed 30 minutes of not-actually-sleep and then decided to pack as much living as I could into a 10-minute row.

I packed a lot of living into a 10-minute row!

I didn’t barf, which is sensational, but man, I guess I’ve been… not slacking on exercise but definitely not bringing the hammer down, because I forgot how alive going full out makes you feel. Endorphins, baby!

I am literally anxious for spring so I can start running again. I really miss it.

Day 759: Shovelin’ and Backslidin’

Spinnin’ and shovelin’, to be more accurate. The shoveling needed doing, but I’ve never been super satisfied with just that as exercise (something I have to do doesn’t feel like exercise, if you know what I mean), so I put in 10 kind of meh minutes on the spin bike first.

I’m keeping up with everything (with a couple of minor stumbles), and pretty much keeping to the Path, but my intensity is flagging a little. I think I’m okay with this, for the most part. My mantra of “at least 10 minutes of exercise a day” is built on the confidence that as I lose some weight and get a bit fitter my appetite for it will grow.

I’m also backing off the banjo in the evening by practicing less, but kind of starting over with a “play and sing” approach because just playing was helping me get better, but… I can’t play and sing! So I’m dialling back where I’m at for playing by several months to start re-doing the simpler music and singing along with it.

Day 705: Big Why, Spiritual Mojo

As the Beastie Boys said, “Get It Together.” 

Good advice for me today — my wife’s sick, so it was a restless night, and another day — bah! — of no exercise, and again scrambling to get out the door. It’s frustrating! I came out of my vacation with semi-mojo, felt quickly like I was still lacking mojo, have made some plans to restore mojo, but still feel kind of mojo-less. 

“Get it together” is kind of the theme of the day. 

The good news about 700-plus days is I have a good toolchest to turn back to. I’ve got some visualization techniques, some killer checklists, good motivational phrases, and a lot of key ideas that I’ve picked up and — at present — put back down. 

Mojo (root motivation) is where I’m struggling a bit right now. I’m having some trouble with the “why” that animates the rest of it. I have stuff for that too! I just have to dip back into the heart of this to see where that resides. 

Spirituality is a topic I generally avoid, in part because I’m an atheist, but the Big Why is really a crux for a lot of these things, and with the biggest religious holiday of the year coming up, it’s not a bad time to ask some Big Why questions. So maybe that’s where I’m going to steer my ship in the coming weeks. No religion, no kids, and that’s kind of taken the two Big Reasons out of the running. If you’re not doing it for faith, or doing it to secure something for future generations of family, what’s it all for? 

Well, maybe I just found some mojo. SPIRITUAL JOURNEY mojo. Hm.

Day 698: Vacation Accomplishments

Here’s what I hope has happened the past few days:

  • Day trips to Ottawa, Port Hope and Merrickville
  • Exercise before leaving every day
  • Daily lunch packing
  • No electronics at all!
  • LPs, books, board games in the evenings

Looking forward to this on Tuesday, I think I’m maybe mythologizing the restorative powers of a few days offline a bit. I might be back tomorrow and say “meh, wasn’t that big a deal.” But as somebody who more or less lives fused to a computer and/or device, I suspect this is gonna be tough. So, hopefully rewarding.


Day 562: Change Your Mind

It’s important to change your mind.

24 hours ago, I would have been pro red-light cameras. Clamoring for them, actually. As somebody who is primarily pedestrian/cyclist, I’m sensitive to stupid drivers, and drivers are stupid.

The problem is actually less “stupid” and more “thoughtless and selfish” — what’s going on around them isn’t relevant, only getting somewhere as fast as humanly possible. Even if there’s no need to get somewhere fast.

Edging up to ranting, so let’s get this back on focus.

So I am, at default, pro anything that calms traffic and punishes bad drivers. I’ve got a broad and general feeling that we drive a lot more than we actually need to, and as a society plan our lives in a kind of dumb way because transportation is easy and cheap, giving us sprawl and ecological disaster instead of urban density and good city planning.

I’m a red light camera advocate.

Then somebody drops this on me — a summary of some metadata studies showing red light cameras increase accidents:

I haven’t gone fishing for evidence for red light cameras yet.

But, absent that, I’m changing my mind.

This is a good thing. Minds should change. I’m glad mine did.



Day 469: Bonkers Winter Weather

It’s hilarious that yesterday’s post about spring being on its way is immediately followed by a post about it being a frozen hell outside.

It’s a frozen hell outside.

Straight up crazy ice storm last night; we’re frozen in today, because I’m not going outside or any reason, if I can avoid it. In fact, I’m’a get a little more sleep after I record this. And then… Sunday!

Candle’s been burning pretty hard at both ends, so I’m okay with a food-project-relaxy kind of day. I’m looking forward to it.


Day 467: Sadness Cookies

A short one today: a good friend and lover of dogs had to say goodbye to a friend the other day, so I’m trying to juggle everything while baking cookies, which means I’ll have to run downstairs momentarily to take them out of the oven.

The good news is I have my mornings down to a science to the point that I can sort of slide baking cookies into my routine. Exercise is ON POINT this week, even if food hasn’t been great — this circuit training thing is destroying me, in a good way, four days a week, and rowing and running are going strong.

Food and weight? I’m in a holding pattern, and I’m okay with it. I’m not losing weight the way I want, but I’m not GAINING weight, and with everything going on, honestly logging what I eat and tracking my weight, sleep, mood etc. every day is a good baseline. I don’t think I can be motivated on all of the things, all of the time, so my motivation is sliding from diet to volunteer business. That’s okay.

Quick blog post, quick recording, off to get cookies out of the oven!