Day 862: Deep Motivation

Yeah, we’re back to that.

Up a little earlier this morning, basically mulling over what motivates me, which is a recurring idea and probably the heart of all of this. What’s my driver to lose some weight, get in shape, etc.?

I’d be lying if I said vanity wasn’t a big part of it, but it’s a kind of purpose-driven vanity: like it or not, people in good shape are taken more seriously than people who aren’t. It’s not fair, but it is what it is. People who physically manifest self-care and self-control are better regarded than people who don’t outwardly show self-control.

That’s… probably not great motivation. “I want to feel better and live longer” is a better motivator. “I want to be able to do more things” is better. “I want to have a better life with my family” is an excellent one.

After honest self-reflection, though… it’s vanity. Again, a kind of purpose driven vanity, but as shallow as it is, I’m pretty much there as my motivator right now.

I’m thinking a bit about my competitive spirit, too. That would probably inspire me. Anyone want to get into a fitness fight?