Day 960: Lazy weekend!

It turned out to be a bit of a lost weekend, which is fine — some work on the next project, lots of just kind of muttering around, cleaning, laundry, that sort of thing. I think I needed that as a general restorative. The important thing is the mood is up, which is good — sometimes not doing much leads to a slump, but I’m feeling pretty good.

I’ve been off-piste for tracking for the last while, which started with moving my checklist box — I think I need to reposition that as central, and get back on evening planking and checking in, and especially banjo, which I actually kind of miss.

Day 958: Radio Morning

Up early — cat stuff — and prepping for the radio show while contemplating a sore throat. This will be the first weekend in weeks where I haven’t had stuff going on, as we’ve had family visits the last while, and I’m kind of looking forward to the lack of structure. Not free time, per se, always lots to do around the house, but the lack of predetermined things to do.

Food’s been okay for the last while, but my tracking and checklists have been off; with a bit of headspace this weekend, it’s a good time to set that up for the run to the finish of this project and the launch of the next one — which will probably be a big focus of the weekend.

Day 840: Spring into Sunday!

That seems like yesterday, again. Oh well — still a good idea. No radio show on Sundays, and up late with a nice sleep in, but time to get to work. The project of the year is the side yard; to be done as cheaply as humanly possible, as we need to save money for the 2020 kitchen reno.

My feeling is we’re gonna need a guy with a backhoe, at least, and from there money for materials but not necessarily money for labour. The good thing about non-critical stuff like yardwork is there’s a bit of tolerance for error, so even if a mistake is made, it’s fixable or at least amendable down the line.

The key here, though, is getting up and getting to it, when what I rrrrrreally feel like doing is firing up a video game or something for half an hour and waiting for the weather to get better. But we also have to get the laundry in, which means getting out of the sleepin’ clothes I’m in now, which means getting up anyway… bah.

Day 839: Rolling into Saturday

Rolling into Saturday without much on my mind this morning — having finished the “Fun” book, I’m vetting Ask Outrageously, which seems like another good candidate for Blinkist, and I think might actually benefit a couple of people I know (including my wife). So far the feedback is “ask outrageously,” with a lot of reasons why that’s a good idea and a survey, but this is a “the title is the book” kind of book after about 30-40 pages.

No super specific plans for the day, beyond the radio show, but lots of little things around the house. I am setting up a to-do list on my computer, with the idea I can kind of check in on it through the day. I don’t have a better idea to date…

Day 838: Good Friday!

Late sleep in this morning, but still getting on track for the full day — exercise, shower, dressed, and planning a three-day weekend. Honestly it’s not that different than a regular weekend, except I have some volunteer work to do and would really like to clean the basement.

In another window on this computer I’m trying another attempt at a personal to-do list. I rock these at work, but I’m brutally bad at them at home — it’s an interesting issue, and I think it’s largely because I do 90% of my work-work in front of a computer, and don’t spend that much time in front of a screen at home (and I’m trying to cut down on phone use).

So my preferred todo method, PlainTasks plugin for Sublime Text 3, doesn’t really work at home as it’s difficult to access on the fly. I use Wunderlist with my wife for groceries and stuff, but that’s not really a great system either — I need to subdivide what I’m doing or it gets overwhelming, and I don’t want to maintain sixteen different lists in Wunderlist.

These are good problems to have, which I recognize — just some context for the weekend.

Day 665: Perfect Sunday

Those ol’ religious folks had it right: you need a break. Sunday, Saturday, whatever day you want — it’s good to have a day off. Sunday’s where that falls for me.

This gets a bit complicated from here.

I like getting things done. I also like dumb stuff. And I have a genuinely hard time discerning “work” from “play” when it comes to the broad category of things that are supposed to be hobbies and fun, but are also work. Building some furniture for the house, studying for a part-time course, gardening — all things that some people do for fun, and I think are sort of fun, but also… work?

Compared to watching dumb crap on Netflix and playing video games, for instance.

There’s something somewhere that probably unpacks this for me. The difference between fun with no outcome, things that create lasting work, and things that are done for maintenance.

So Perfect Me has great Sundays! No work obligations, and some sort of mix of pure fun and productive hobbies. I’m going to have to put a bit of a TBD on what that mix is, and how it works, though.


Day 636: Workin’ On The Weekend

Everybody’s workin’ on the weekend! No? Loverboy? No? All right then.

Called in to work today; it’s Saturday, so this is unusual, and I’m definitely in that work trap where I’m just senior enough to be responsible for a lot of things, and not get overtime or whatnot for weekend work, but also not senior enough to get paid for it.  I’m not actually that sad about it; it’s aggravating, but also good to be seen and get buy-in on some of the projects that make the the most satisfied in my professional life. If it takes a Saturday to get that done, that’s pretty worth it.

So it’s off to shower, get nicely dressed, and go do pleasant things with people far more senior than me!

Slight insomnia last night, and I really need to get back on exercise after Sleepfest 2018. It will come.


Day 524: Saturday!

There’s nothing sweeter than a weekend with no plans. I think it’s a sign of age. But I’ve got nothing much locked in for the weekend other than the radio show and some volunteer responsibilities this morning, and… that’s it.

There’s chores, of course, and moving projects forward around the house, but it’s nice to not have a ton o’ stuff on the agenda. I’m sure if I sit down for five minutes I’ll be more than capable of freaking myself out with my to-do list, but that is what it is.

Right now, though, I’m content to have exercised a bit, be ready for the radio show, and not have any other huge plans for the day.

Oh! Camping! We’re going to camp in the back yard tonight. My wife’s never been in a tent before.