Day 162: Raccoon Lessons

Personal 10k best today, which is awesome. And what makes it even MORE awesome is that it was with (or because of?) a short stop to take a picture. A picture of a raccoon. And I learned raccoon lessons.

Some people call raccoons trash pandas, but this was clearly a trash honey badger. If you do not know what I’m talking about, look up honey badger.

This was a raccoon that did not give, as the kids say, AF.

So I still posted my fastest ever 10k, which I’m pretty happy with. And now I’m wondering if it was despite stopping to take a picture of this bold-assed raccoon, or because of. Maybe the moment of respite recharged me for the last arduous 3k? Who knows.

Anyway, I’m running down the street and this guy is standing maybe seven feet from me.

raccoon does not care
This raccoon did not give a crap about who I was. Maybe this is a good life lesson?

Raccoon lessons on my morning run include: why care what random passing strangers think?

This raccoon was clearly having his time. He had found what I think was a bunch of honey graham crackers; the big kind you can snap in two for s’mores. And he was literally leaning against a tree, chawin’ his graham cracker, as I ran up, skidded to a halt, pulled out my phone, and took some pictures.

He knew what my deal was. I was a passing stranger. I’d be gone in a minute. He’d never see me again. So why stress? It’s a nice morning, warm weather, sun’s coming out. He’s got a graham cracker. Life’s pretty sweet for this raccoon.

And it did get me thinking a bit that. If there are raccoon lessons to be learned, it’s to be more sensible about caring what people think.

About 90% of the people I see, I’ll probably never see again. And I do a lot of awkward social dancing to avoid seeming weird or embarrassing around those people. And yes, social decorum thing is a good, and norms are good. But maybe I should calibrate myself to be a bit more like that raccoon…