Day 799: Back to normal!

It’s been great having houseguests for the weekend, and weathering a comic convention without an existential collapse.

It’s good to be back, though. Up early with my wife as she gets ready for the early shift, some brisk spinning, shower, and this — then back to bed! I’m ready for some Second Sleep so I can then get on to a very busy week at work.

Work is still pretty bananas, but I feel like it’s largely setup for later execution. I’ve tried to be good about not working over the weekend — I know it leads to busier Mondays, but having that time “pure” is important.

Day 796: Powerrrrring thrrrrrouuuggghhh

Insomnia! Powerful insomnia! Up like stupid late and running for the door, due partly to work stress and partly due to cats being bonkers. This is putting me off track, which is aggravating, but I’m trying to maintain the condition of “game” and stay positive and look for the creative/fun elements while powering through the sheer volume of STUFF going on.

It still looks and feels like this is a lot of establishing work, with major shifts in April as all the things being worked on now transitioning from planning to execution in the next 10 days and then a sudden lightening of the load. One hopes.

Day 793: Grinding back on track

After last week’s work-related derail, I feel like I’m fully back on track, and a few things on that front:

  • First, I’ve backfilled my notes on my tracker sheet so the gap has a bit more analysis at the start of the gap. I think I need to do a better job of tracking work and how it affects me; there’s nothing before the gap about work stress and 10-hour days, etc.
  • Second, it really is an “all or nothing” affair. The precipitating factor of the gap was not having checklists, and that seemed to just kick off a “all systems no” effect where I just kind of blah’ed out across the board.
  • Third, I can do this! Time to rally.

Day 790: Weekend Business

So busy on the weekends! It’s distressing. A busy day in Ottawa, and wall to wall stuff to do at home today. Laundry! Radio! Podcast! Cleaning! Tiniest Gallery fix!

My co-host for WAFFLES! this morning is going to watch soccer and nap. I’m genuinely envious, but have to remind myself that I do it to myself — I take these things on, so I can hardly complain when the chickens come home to roost. But definitely feeling a bit frayed around the edges today; I was hoping a day in Ottawa and on the road would make me feel like I’d had a bit of vacation, but being the driver / car-renter / accommodation-booker / car-returner is just kind of more job as much as it is a break.

Proper vacation coming in about three weeks… I just need to keep my head down and bear away on that.

Day 788: March Reboot!

Work has officially impacted the whole thing; it’s been a miasma of insomnia and distraction this week, and I’m am now OFFICIALLY OFF PROGRAM. Which is not good! I know it’s not good! I’m going to feel terrible!

I’m also out of town tonight/tomorrow.

So we’re tightening the belt and shoring up for a March where managing work comes first, fitness and diet second.

Day 787: Too much work, fasting today

Not as bad yesterday, but still not great on the work front; a few people have helpfully pointed out that the only reward for work is more work. Which, I mean, thanks but that’s not really solving the problem per se.

I’m a problem-solvey guy but I have to admit I don’t really see a solve here. Sometimes, I think, you just get… crunch time. This is crunch time. And as much as I don’t wanna crunch, I gotta crunch a bit.

Another fasting day today; Tuesdays seem to work well for it, and I do find it helps to have a “clean out” day every week. So we’ll try Wednesday this time out and see.

Day 786: Overwork

Yesterday was my third 10-hour day at work in two weeks, which is… not great. I keep telling myself the extra time in the evening will make things go easier the next day, but that never proves to be true.

That, of course, led to insomnia, so I’ve been up more or less since 1:30, stewing. Sometimes I can turn the sleeplessness into productive planning and setup for the next day, other times not — this was a “not” night.

“Manage work-life balance” was one of the big things for my year in January, and I’m struggling with it.

Day 688: Jugglin’

Looking forward to vacation next week, among other things because it would be nice to feel like I’ve got a few days to get my feet back under me.

Short exercise this morning due to late sleep due to cat rampage (Operation Don’t Get Up, originally a cat tactic, doesn’t work if the cats are hell-bent on stomping on you in bed), and gotta run off in a few minutes to make a volunteer appointment happen to get somebody else involved with the station. It’s a race! Everything’s a race!

So I’m, er, racing. A chunk of this is me doing it to myself: I choose to take online courses in the evening; I choose to put this much into volunteering. I choose to take on more than I have to, and do better than I strictly need to, at my job. I can’t really complain too much about struggling to keep up when it’s a completely self-generated situation.

That does not, however, change the feeling of being behind in the race. Today, the trade-off was less exercise for sleep and volunteerism. I’m looking forward to next week and some time off, when the trade equation isn’t nearly as onerous.


Day 685: Still Sober After All These Years

Well, “all this year and three quarters.” It’s been a tough week! Sick for several days, and that’s knocked me on my butt in terms of recovery — not only physical, and sleep, but also work and ensuring that volunteer obligations are met.

You know you’re busy when two days semi-out of commission means three days of absolute frantic catch-up. It’s not “dropping right back into the swing of things,” it’s re-entering the race five laps behind.

I mean, life and work and stresswise, this is not great. I guess it’s good to feel needed, but it certainly colours the recovery process.

Day 636: Workin’ On The Weekend

Everybody’s workin’ on the weekend! No? Loverboy? No? All right then.

Called in to work today; it’s Saturday, so this is unusual, and I’m definitely in that work trap where I’m just senior enough to be responsible for a lot of things, and not get overtime or whatnot for weekend work, but also not senior enough to get paid for it.  I’m not actually that sad about it; it’s aggravating, but also good to be seen and get buy-in on some of the projects that make the the most satisfied in my professional life. If it takes a Saturday to get that done, that’s pretty worth it.

So it’s off to shower, get nicely dressed, and go do pleasant things with people far more senior than me!

Slight insomnia last night, and I really need to get back on exercise after Sleepfest 2018. It will come.