Day 547: Sign Restorin’

Good day yesterday! Shaping up to be a good one today, too. I’ve got all the weeding done; some mowing to get to, and some planning on the sign front. Once again, it’s a matter of getting out there early and getting it done fast, then getting in before it gets HAWT.

Short entry today so I can get to the yardwork!

Day 505: Yard Work Day

Lots of junk food yesterday! A good holiday Sunday. Today, projects continue — first working on a tofu press, and also yardwork.

I always resent yardwork. It just… comes back. It’s not fair. If there were some sort of permanent yard solution, I’d take it.

But there isn’t, and so: yardwork. I’m going to tackle that early, while it’s relatively cool out. Yesterday involves some Surprise Canoeing, which was so nice I might see if there’s a bit of time to do some more today.

Generally today is yardwork and projects… and no junk food. I have a junk food hangover.

Day 503: Project Weekend

Projects this weekend; vacation is technically on, but we’re in for a rainy day, so.

My wife and I accrue projects. I made a list last weekend, and there’s a dozen things we’ve bought materials and gotten supplies for and just… haven’t done. These range from two-hour things to multi-day things. But there’s a lot of ’em.

Operation Project starts this weekend; I’m going to try to knock out a couple of things over the weekend, then carry on with a lot of gardening-related stuff through the week.

Day 175: Chore Time

So “Me Time” yesterday turned out to be a failure. Or a success. It depends on how you look at it, I suppose. It was Chore Time. Can Chore Time be Me Time?

I had two hours entirely to myself. The city at my feet. A car, even. I walked around a bit, had an iced coffee, and ended up… doing yardwork. Now, I did it while listening to a podcast I really like, which is something.

At the end of the day, I couldn’t bear to be inside, which is where most of my happy hobbies are. I didn’t really want to get out on the water at the moment. And ultimately, the lawn needed tending and the yard waste needed bagging. So there y’go. My me time was yard work, and a bit of coding for a side project I’m nurturing after letting it incubate in my head for almost a year.

Is chore time me time, if I want to do the chores?

I don’t know if this is a terrible symptom of (finally) growing up, but I chose chores. As I was saying to my wife later, I would have felt just stupid to be cooped up indoors during the glorious weather we were having. But most of my outdoor options would have involved a lot of driving, a lot of energy getting somewhere, or spending money I don’t have. So doing something with the satisfaction of knowing I would be happy to have it done won out.

This all feels eerily responsible and sane.


Day 140: Yardwork

When I wrap this up, I’m going to go do the thing I like the least. Yardwork. I am NOT a fan. It’s a kind of a thing; I’ve never really liked it. It’s a very keeping-up-with-the-Jones kind of fakery.

Mainly because it’s pretty pointless. Vegetable gardening has a purpose, but our yard is too shady and arborists are expensive. So I’m — I hate the word ‘life hack,’ but the most… efficient way of dealing with gardening is where I’m working right now.

Dig it all up. Mulch the crap out of the beds. Pull up any green thing that pokes through. Repeat.

So that’s what I’m heading out to do — pull things up, put mulch down. We bought our house two years ago from a family that I think got really into gardening, then got busy and got really out of gardening. So the whole “nuke it and start anew” is appealing on that level, too.

Yardwork is a metaphor for a lot of  things…

Yardwork is like the taxes of living in a neighbourhood. You don’t wanna do it, it’s a pain in the ass to do it, but you gotta do it. And you also know that some people are really into it, which is kind of infuriating.

it must be done. Blah. Into the fray.