Day Two: Checking In (and Out)

Checking in’s been easy for me in the past, and I find check-ins (like the daily check-in at Stop Drinking on Reddit) to be a really powerful tool for me. Doing this podcast will — hopefully — be a daily necessity that forces a check-in, and really drives me to make it an anchor to my day.

It is, in essence, a lot harder to screw up once you’ve made some sort of promise to yourself and others that you won’t. Even if it’s a quiet, personal promise.

But checking out? Whole different thing. And I’m wondering if part of my adherence problem in the past has been that I haven’t taken checking out very seriously. Part of it is I’m just flat-out tired by the time I’m wrapping up for the day… distracted, trying to do a bunch of stuff before I hit the sack, and trying to get to bed at a reasonable hour as well.

But I’m going to try checking out this week; in fact, checking in and out might be kind of the theme of this week. We’ll see how it goes.