Day 0356: Leaning into Christmas

It’s our holiday show for WAFFLES! today, my first full day off for a good long break, and the beginning of a good long week of no-job. The university shuts down from Christmas to New Year’s Eve (and yes, I’m acutely aware of that privilege). So I’m kind of stoked about this.

Last night was when the holiday began in earnest: Christmas music, gift shopping (my wife an I have an annual tradition to go on a stocking stuffer hunt concurrently downtown, with an identical budget — half the fun is avoiding each other). Family obligations are tended to. Nothing but R&R for the next 10 days.

So how does that impact diet and exercise? Not too much, I hope. This might be my most responsible Christmas ever, with no booze and (I promise) food tracking in full effect.

Goals include:

  • A couple of major projects, like moving my wife’s podcast over to my webhosting, handling a website move for the local canoe club, setting up the podcast network for the radio station.
  • Taking time to read, instead of sinking into video games. Video games are not a less legitimate form of leisure than reading. But it is different. And I’d like to experience the aesthetics of reading a bit more over the holidays.
  • Keep on top of diet and exercise, even though I’m on “break”.
  • Side hustle work, especially self-education on some of the stickier bits.
  • Planning this podcast for 2018.

That’s it! It’s plenty. Maybe even a bit much for a “break.” But I think I can squeeze that into a very relaxing break, and start 2018 refreshed and re-committed to making this work.