Day 1000: The End (for now)


This is it.

I’m unfortunately closing on a down note — felt sick yesterday, and a massive sinus/migraine headache took me out in the mid afternoon. I’ve slept for a chunk and am feeling a bit better, but am still pretty rocky.

I guess that’s kind of appropriate, because this really has been a “rain or shine” endeavour for 1000 days — I wound up having to pre-record some days, and I think there may have been a make-good once, but it’s legitimately 1000 things under my belt.

What started as a personal accountability dealie about sobriety (still solid!) became a much more generic getting-better kind of thing. And while the sobriety held, I didn’t really make a lot of progress in the other areas.

Not to say I didn’t get better. We get better all the time, I think, and I’ve learned a lot about myself and what works and doesn’t work for me. I haven’t found the right combination of things that lead to meaningful weight/fitness transformation, but I’ve learned a lot about myself, and about mindfulness, and about how important it is to think about this stuff.

So while I’m not at my fightin’ weight and eating like a (vegan) champion, I’ve definitely picked up a thing or two about what motivates me to do that. What keeps me motivated to do that is the mystery, but that’s another thing for… I was going to say another day, and that’s true, but not another day in this space.

I think the key thing I’ve learned is that it is important to take time to think about yourself. Maybe not every morning — one of the things that bugs me about this project is that — magpie mind — it wasn’t my only focus, so a lot of the time it was rote, a box to check before I left the house for the day.

Deep thought about who you are, and what you value, and what you’re trying to achieve, is important.

Which I… didn’t do with this space a lot of the time. Hm.

Maybe that, on top of all the stuff, is what I’ve learned? It’s important to think about yourself periodically, and, like, really think about it. I tend to autopilot, and I think I made the most progress when I was taking this project most seriously — which would have been when I was thinking about it the most.

Sooooo yeah. Not box-checking thought but real self-reflection. Setting time aside for it, even if I’m not doing a daily dealio about this stuff.

I wish I didn’t feel terrible for the last day of this! But what can you do. That’s kind of the point of it — ups and downs, ins and outs. I’ve learned a lot, and I’ll probably keep the project live for a while in case it’s of use to anybody else.

Maybe I’ll even revive it in the future! Especially if I find something that works for me.

For now, though, this is a wrap!

Thanks for being part of this. It’s been a hoot. See you at Dry & Mighty next week!