Day 108: Exercise Time

A quick follow-up on checking out — last night was kind of an anomaly, where a thing I was only supposed to stay for an hour at turned into a full evening, so it really was hard to peel away. So check-out was deferred until I got home, but I did sit down and work through the checklist. Good on all counts except I did snack. But I logged the snacks, so that’s a midway success. Today’s thing, though, is exercise time.

Another 12k this morning, which is great, and I’m glad that this seems to be developing into my new standard distance. It takes time, though. I’m not that fast — I’m taking about an hour and a quarter to run 12k (I slow down REMARKABLY in the last 2k), so even if I get out at a good start time of 5:30 AM, I’m not back and out of my shoes, in the shower, etc. until 7. Which means it’s a bit of a race to do this, pack a lunch, get myself together, and get out the door by 8.

So the options are (a) get up earlier, which is not on the menu, (b) exercise less, which I don’t want to do, or… (c) just be rushed on running mornings, I guess?

Exercise time: leisure time or… something?

This runs back into my recurring problem of I don’t know what relaxing is. I guess “going for a run” definitely counts as a leisure time activity. I’m not making money doing it, that’s for sure. But moving until I want to barf doesn’t seem like “leisure” by most standards. Exercise time is not time I enjoy. I don’t get off on the exertion the same way that ‘real’ runners seem to.

So I’m not sure how to slot exercise, mentally. Is this something I should be considering “leisure”? Is it “relaxing,” even though it’s physically the exact opposite? Maybe I should pay more attention to how I feel after a run.