Day 110: Check-Out Checklist

So I did it! A check-out checklist. Took less than 10 minutes to do.

It is very “me” that I started at “well, I need to design this, and then I’ll have to look into how to get them printed as a tear-off pad that I can…”

And I was getting into logistics, and printing, and cost, and then jerked back to reality with

“…just print a bunch on regular letter-sized paper, dummy.”

So that’s what I’m doing.

Check-Out Checklist
My nightly checklist! Subject to change over time.

Check-OutChecklist — the PDF, if you want it.

These are the Things What Must Be Done before I get into bed each night. Some are kind of gimmes (brush teeth, turn off lights), some are a bit more ambitious (plank, practice ukulele for 10 minutes). But at least it’s a sequence. And nothing says I have to check every item every night. It’s also about seeing what I’m good at and not so good at over time.

My Check-Out Checklist Puts Checking Out Last

So “check out” is the last thing on the checklist. Previously, it would have been somewhere up around “brush teeth.” But that’s when I was trying to rock it checklist-free — attach it to another habit (like brushing my teeth).

Now, with the checklist actually happening, it seems to make the most sense to just have it be the last thing I do before going to bed.

STILL not a great food day yesterday. But #1 on the list is “logging,” which is going to be scrupulous and unrelenting. I was appalled at how much I wound up eating yesterday. It was mostly to joining colleagues for “second lunch”, and kind of snacking through the evening due to a lack of attention. But at least logging it lets me be aware and appalled. Hopefully that will trigger better behaviour.