Day 116: Daily Weigh-In

Yesterday was the first day I straight up didn’t weigh myself. I would say “forgot,” but it was only semi-forgetting. I was fogged on a lack of sleep. So I remembered the weigh-in, but only when I wasn’t in a position to to it.

That aspect of things is going well — a simple number, easy to do and to log. Really, failure to weigh yesterday was due specifically to sleep fail. And again, it’s all connected — good sleep, good exercise, good diet, staying sober.

Weigh-in every morning, first thing

The key really¬†is¬†to do it very first thing: get up, go to the bathroom, get on the scale, log the number. It’s oddly not a habit yet, though, despite it being a thing for almost two months now — you’d think it would become instinct at some point, but it still takes conscious thought.

Of the “simple ideas that are working out,” though, it’s one of the leaders. Again, it’s linked at the top menu of this site, so you can keep track of me (and some exercise numbers, too). Public accountability for the win!