Day 117: Small Decisions

It all comes down to small decisions, right? Which is tough for me in the moment — when I want something, it’s easy to come down on the other side of it. “It’s just a __________”. Snack, skip day for exercise, etc. But I’m making (slow) progress with weight and fitness — losing pounds and feeling better. So it’s easy to look back and see that as the result of a lot of small right moves.

Small decisions are tough because they’re small.

It’s hard, in the moment, to see things in aggregate. So I constantly make ‘exceptions’ for myself — I’ll stay up late tonight, I’ll have this one snack, I’ll lowball exercise just today. From any outside perspective, obviously this snowballs. But it’s hard to see it in that moment.

So getting on the scale this morning and thinking “not bad,” I really tried to flash back to small decisions over the past few days. Going a bit harder with exercise, not snacking, sticking to a meal plan.

Mainly, the small decisions have to do with food. Which, as we’ve established, has been a real weak point for me. But it’s been good to see some progress, and trying to wire small decisions to that progress is my big play right now. Is “small decision, big consequence” a new mantra?