Day 119: More Stretching

Arrgh! It’s harder than I thought to find something that covers more stretching in the evening. The particulars are:

  • A number of stretches so I can subselect, not do the same thing every night
  • No mat required
  • Batting the legs/back/shoulders/arm/neck circuit
  • Not yoga

More stretching != pain-in-the-ass stretching

The Internet wants to throw me right into yoga; the whole “evening” thing opens up a vista of “ladies, let’s do our stretches… in bed!” routines that are also not what’s needed.

Plus, the modern state of the Internet means that 90% of the first four pages of search results are the same piece of content, lightly resliced and resold to advertising sites.

Search strings so far have included:

  • evening stretches
  • office stretching [this one, I figured, would guarantee no mat/yoga]
  • office stretching -chair [but all I got was “stretches you can do while sitting in your cubicle]
  • stretching routine no mat
  • stretching routine matless
  • varied stretching “no mat”
  • varied stretches matless
  • stretching -yoga

Oddly enough, that last one landed me on a page from the makers of my rowing machine. And it looks okay!

The other one I liked off the cuff is from, which looks like a site whose Venn diagram overlaps with my interests at about, I don’t know, zero percent. But — I can see how my needs (short, perfunctory, zero-yoga) might overlap with the targets they’re aiming for.

So: some new guidance/direction in stretching. We’ll see how that rolls out!