Day 123: Booze Dreams

So last night: booze dreams! I guess, over four months in, I’m still exorcising stuff. I dreamt I got drunk as a skunk. Also, I was staying in a mansion belonging to my father-in-law and there was a party and somebody lost a horse. But that’s dreams for you.

The interesting thing is that it wasn’t a “good time” booze dream. It was pretty gross, actually. I was sick-drunk, not throwing up but close, and the haze of the dream-booze was combining with the haze of the dream-dream and it was all super unpleasant. 

Booze dreams: purging some psychic poison?

Maybe it means nothing, but I’m choosing to believe it means something. I’ve gotten out of toxic situations before, and it took months before I felt like I was actually extricated. And there were dreams there, too. And while I’ve never had a dramatic issue with booze, this has still been a big step.

So I think I’m actually processing some of the lingering stresses around all this.

Which is good! As much as the dreams are unpleasant.