Day 125: Deslumped!

Rally achieved!

It was a good day yesterday; not perfect foodwise, but it’s good to recover from a little slump and get right back on that horse.

Keeping my spirits up in a week of solid rain is a challenge. This is day… five, I think?… of bad weather, and we’ve gotten a month’s worth of rain in three days, or so the weatherpeople say. I keep checking the basement.

I’m leaving in a few minutes to do the radio show with my wife; as the station we volunteer for is a campus/community station, they’ve got a dire need for more programmers for the summer, when the students are gone.

So I’ve taken on a second show. And, as usual, made it more of a Thing than it needs to be. So I’m currently trying to plan for the show, but also de-escalate my Big Ideas down to something manageable so I don’t make myself, or my wife, crazy.

(It’s about soundtracks; specifically, video game soundtracks. I’m excited.)

Running downstairs to make breakfast in a few so we can get out the door for the show…