Day 126: Houseguests!

Oof. It’s a family thing. And I’m happy to have family over, but it’s really starting to do a number on the routine. Houseguests are great, but four visits in five weeks is… it’s a lot.

I have a relative relocating to the area, which is fantastic, and we’re in the final sprint — a visit again this week for a home inspection. And some document-signing. But it’s also turning into a bit of a thing.

One thing I’ve found through this process is that routine is king. This is why the checklist is working so well for me. Routine is a great thing when you’re trying to change things up.

I’m still not doing great on food, but exercise, sobriety and even sleep are going pretty well. It’s all very dependent on routine, though. My wife is in the same boat: she likes a consistent plan day after day. It’s helpful for both of us.

Houseguests are good for morale, but bad for flow.

I feel good having houseguests. It’s nice to do something nice for people. Company is fine. Helping family is kind of a moral imperative.

But my wife and I are definitely having the Big Strategy talk this morning: so far, we’ve been the Very Good Hosts, but this visit (and the next, for the official Signing of the Things) is going to involve a bit of a come-to-Jesus where we need to start re-prioritizing. Which is fair, I think. It’s really a matter of everyone being happy, but now we’re past “social visit” and into “why spend money on a motel when we have a guest room” territory. Which shifts the hospitality parameters.

Again: happy to do this, especially for family. But it’s been throwing me off, so it’s time to be proactive about not letting houseguests mess with the work I’m doing.