Day 127: Injury

Ouch. Injury. Yeah, that did it.

I’m not sure what happened. Yesterday was a kind of disaster — nothing requiring the hospital, but my wife took a nasty tumble and bashed her face on the sidewalk, so it was a late night of nursing. Other complications, too; houseguests and the like.

So I’m not sure if I did something to my shoulders, or if lousy sleep based on all of the above did it, or if just plain stress twanged my muscles, but it feels like my shoulders are torn up. Again. This is easily my #1 lifetime injury.  Goddamn shoulders.

So what happens now? I’m not sure. This is my first legit injury since I started. It was a short run — it sounds weird, but running is excruciating, because the bouncing exacerbates the shoulder pain. So I’m going to have to be super careful with food, because the exercise burn is gone. I guess it’s just “take it super easy” with lots of stretching until the shoulders improve. Maybe slow rowing tomorrow to stretch/work it out. Gah.