Day 128: Injury Two — Full Stop

This is a bad one. I wound up coming home from work yesterday morning, and spent the afternoon flat on my back, zonked out on painkillers. This morning, I’m feeling about 50% better, but still a lot of passive pain, and turning my head is a chore. So no exercise today. No weighing myself, either — I’m not going to get in my own head while I’m on a full stop.

So I’m taking a couple days off everything but the blog and podcast, it looks like. Maybe I’m due a break anyway. Yesterday’s determination to not over-eat ran headlong into my feeling bad and being a stress eater.

You’ll never guess which won.

Actually, you probably will.

It was the stress eating.

The stress eating won.

It won hard.

Full stop has to stop sometime.

So I’m on a break; stretching today and for the next couple days until this is over. But today I am getting back on food logging and not eating like a damn fool. Plus I made natto last weekend, and I’m looking forward to having that for lunch.

So I’m going to get grips on the non-exercise portions of this today; I think it’s okay to allow myself a Big Day Off when I’m in pain and feeling low, but ultimately just getting completely slack is going to make me feel worse in the long run, even if it helps when I’m hurting.