Day 129: Recovery Break

I have to admit that I may have needed this recovery break.

Second day of true recovery; my shoulders are back up to about 70%, but I don’t want to mess with them. I miss exercise, which is a bit surprising. I thought I’d relish the time off. And I do like sleeping in. But I definitely feel restless and ill at ease. So I’m actually kind of looking forward to getting back on it.

Who’d have thunk it?

A pretty good food day yesterday; the full stop has been a full stop, with no logging and no checklist. Part of me feels like this is a bit silly, but again, the break is a break. I’m breaking.

I wish I had some core piece of wisdom coming out of this about it not happening again. But it seems to have been spontaneous. “Don’t get stressed” is a good one. The stresses that I think led to this, though, were external.

The recovery break is ending, I’ll be  getting back on that horse tomorrow.

But I need to rein that horse in.

Tomorrow I’m going to do a light session on the rower: slow and easy, more to get the muscles stretched out than for pure exercise reasons. Again, I’m surprised at how much I miss it.

I’ll be dreading the scale tomorrow, but what can you do? I need the information. I won’t like the information, but I need it. This has definitely been a setback, but the key is going to be not letting the setback define my next few weeks.

There’s a fine balance between “don’t get discouraged and keep trying” and “fight back too hard and re-injure.” So I need to bear this moderate and steady pace of improvement in mind, and re-adopt that, even if I’m a bit behind in where I’d like to be. Going nuts won’t help me in the long run.