Day 131: Changing the Narrative

Arrgh. So as the shoulders get better, the back gets worse. Not awful, just not great. But I had a little moment of changing the narrative this morning that helped.

So I’ve been off running, and I was seriously considering not doing any exercise at all this morning. Then I was going up the stairs, and thought:

“This can be the story of the time I worked through this thing.”

And I liked that story. More than the story of the time I had a setback.

So 30 slow minutes on the rowing machine later, I feel better. In a couple ways.

Changing the narrative means changing the outcome.

The first way is obviously that I feel better physically. Going hard on the rower is strenuous. But going easy on the rower kind of warms me up and pulls everything out. So I am in less hurty pain now that I’ve done it.

The second way is I’m happy to have pivoted off the sad narrative of “I’m hurt” and into something a bit more persistence-driven. This, in turn, is going to drive me to make better decisions for the rest of the day.

It’s a table — exercise, diet, sobriety, sleep. If one goes, the whole thing gets wobbly. If two go, collapse is imminent. And while the started as a sobriety project, sobriety is proving easier in a lot of ways than the diet part. And exercise, when I’m feeling lousy.

So I’m going to allow myself a back-pat this morning. GOOD FOR ME. Carry on!