Day 132: Hello, Horse

Remember how I was getting back on that horse? Hello, horse. I’m not quite back on the horse. I’ve sort of been negotiating with the horse for the last few days. Maybe the horse doesn’t even want to be gotten on. Did you think about that, fella? Huh?

So after a tremendously aggravating week at work, and a week of feeling achey and pulled-muscley and generally bad, I’m kind of fed up. Looking back to motivation week for inspiration, I don’t really have a go-to for “sick of it all,” but “No matter where you go, there you are” is still a pretty good thing to remember in times like this.

On the bright side, I got up early for a Saturday and went running with my wife. A short little 3k, but enough to get the blood flowing.

Hello, horse. Whatcha knowin’? It’s time to get that horsey goin’.

That was Simon and Garfunkel, right? Close enough.

So despite thinking I was back on the horse a couple days ago, life got in the way. And I think I’m going to aim to re-horse on Monday and give myself a day or two of lighter exercise, less routine, and hopefully depressurizing before attacking that horse again.

There are a lot of horse sayings out there. I’m so hungry I could eat a. Get back on that. You can lead to water, but can’t make drink. What you rode in on. And so on and so forth.

So it’s a weekend of light exercise and lots of stretching and a return to “normal” on Monday. That’s the current plan.