Day 138: Patio Season

So where I live, we’ve skipped right over spring and barreled into summer. In, like, four days. It’s ridiculous. And with the changing of the seasons, comes the putting-out of the patios. I started this no-drinking thing before patio season. I hadn’t really thought about patio season.

And now it is the season of the patio.

I don’t think this is going to make a difference, really. But there are a few things that tug at the ol’ drinkin’ sleeve, in declining order:

  • Stress
  • Being expressly invited to drink
  • Hanging out with people who drink
  • Seeing people drink

So we’re getting down to the bottom of the trigger barrel, practically speaking.

There is, though, a difference between winter sobriety and patio season sobriety. I’d be a fool to deny it. I didn’t think of this until this week, but there’s a season where drinkers are hidden from view and a season where drinkers are right in front of you all the time. There are sections of the downtown that are basically street bars.

Patio season will take some mental adjustment.

Because primarily there’s going to be a lot more cultural saturation of drinking around me. It’s just gonna be in front of my eyeballs more and therefore in my brain now. I don’t think it’s gonna bump the needle. But it’s a factor.

Secondarily, there’s going to be more “friend and spouse” pressure to go a’patio’ing. It’s kind of a middle space between “let’s go to a dark bar and quaff beer” and “let’s sit in the sunshine and have a fizzy gin thing under an umbrella.”

So I’m not worried. I’m not fretting. But it’s something to gird myself for. Yes, I said “gird myself.” Gird!