Day 139: Sneaky Exercise

Trying to find ways to slip a little sneaky exercise into my Saturday morning…

It’s my wife’s idea, really — she’s really taken to running (more than either of us expected), and has been requesting a few laps around the neighbourhood track on Saturdays. It’s been good! We did it a bit last year as well. We’re not talking a marathon, here. 4k max. But it gets the blood flowing and the brain working.

It does, however, add to the Saturday morning time pressures — it works well in the summer, when we can bike to the station for our radio show, which is its own form of brain exercise, but I can see this being challenging during the walking days of winter.

It’s good, though! It sets the day up well. I feel like it’s a good move, even though it cuts into the morning a fair bit. To wit: this is the end of this entry! Gotta get my shoes on (and the cat fed).