Day 141: Goofin’ Off on Victoria Day

It’s Victoria Day! That’s a Commonwealth thing. And as I like to say to those who aren’t in the Commonwealth, “if you’re not spending Victoria Day goofing off, then she died on that beach in Normandy for nothing.” Goofin’ off rules on statutory holidays.

I’m kidding, of course. Queen Victoria died on that beach in Normandy for our freedoms. 

So I’m late with the podcast today, and am hiving the day off for maybe an hour of useful work, and most of the day for goofin’ off; this includes:

  • Finishing Bioshock Infinite;
  • Watching some Mr. Robot, which I’m just getting into now;
  • Working outside on the dig up and mulch project (part of the hour of ‘real work’)
  • Finishing our Cat Wagon (part of the hour of ‘real work’)
  • Playing board games with my wife;
  • Varied food projects;
  • Working on my other podcast, which is up and running but needs a promotional plan.

Some of that sounds more like goofin’ off than other things, but it’s all things I enjoy doing, which is the important bit.

Goofin’ off is what days off are for.

Point being, it’s almost 11 a.m. and I’m just getting around to this because this should be a day for slacking. My weekends get pretty eaten up by “stuff I gotta get done,” so I don’t want my bona fide holiday to be “stuff I gotta get done” as well.

So here I go! Slacking off (mostly) for a day. Huzzah!