Day 142: Post Cheat Weekend

It’s funny how food has replaced booze in my sobriety. And by “funny” I mean interesting, not hilarious.

I’m coming off a kind of planned Cheat Weekend. Nothing too scandalous, but I sort of deliberately slacked off on the food-tracking and checklist for the Victoria Day weekend in order to give my self a bit of a staycation for a few days and get back on track today.

Back on track! I’m taking this opportunity to reorder my nightly checklist. Nothing major, but mixing things up into a slightly more logical order so I’m not running up and downstairs multiple times.

Check-Out Checklist V 2
The updated check-out checklist. Some re-ordering.

So a good rower workout this morning, back on the hunt for some fresh workout music, and looking forward to a solid 10k tomorrow.

But it is weird coming out of the Victoria Day weekend feeling like I’ve been non-booze binging. And I haven’t even been that bad. I had two veggie burgers instead of one for dinner last night. Ate a lot of chips. But I still feel like I’m coming off a bad weekend rather than, y’know, a pretty normal weekend.

So I guess I’m normalizing good habits to the point that it feels like an old-school bender to go off them? Does that make sense?

It’s probably good. It’s a bit aggravating. I feel like I should be just happier that I’m off booze, but I’m now kind of stuck on The Next Thing: beating food, losing weight. And again, I recognize that this kind of drive is good, but the kind of preying perpetual guilt that surrounds it is a bit crap.

At any rate: it’s good to be feeling uninjured and rested after a pretty good goofing-off weekend, but now it’s time to log that food and that weight and get this train a’rolling.