Day 144: Puttering

I get up pretty early — 5 a.m., most days. The theory is this lets me get a lot done before I have to head to work. The truth is that I’ve been sinking into “puttering mode” in the morning.

I’ll get up, sure, but spend about half an hour just kind of dithering around. I mean, here’s the list of things that need to happen for me to go running:

  • Put on shoes
  • Get house key
  • Set up music on phone
  • Go

And rowing is pretty much the same, minus the house key.

So there’s not much reason it’s taking me til 5:30-5:40 to get out of the house. It’s just… puttering.

There actually is a “putter factor,” which pertains to running, which is whether or not my phone is charged. I use it for music, and for run tracking, and a few iOS updates ago, battery life became negligible. The phone can’t run for more than 45 minutes if the battery is less than 60%.

So the one big note is I do need to make sure the phone is charging on pre-running nights. That’s a huge factor in terms of puttering.

Other than that, the key — and we’ve covered this before, but I’ve gotten bad about it again — is to NOT DO ELECTRONICS.

Don’t touch a puttering device until after I’ve exercised.

I mean, other than “turn on music, start run tracker,” obviously.

But I really, really need to stay away from the phone/iPad/computer until my day is well and truly started. Because it is the Black Attention Hole. From its depths it is almost impossible to emerge.

Email. Facebook. Twitter. Work email. The entire Internet in general. It is all a giant distraction machine.

Now, puttering is infinite, and I can find any number of OTHER puttering opportunities (how long has it been since I re-organized the silverware drawer?). But the Internet is 100% the puttering enemy. It must be stopped.

Because I’m not getting up at 5 a.m. to read about American political outrages or think about work. I’m getting up at 5 a.m. to get my day started.