Day 146: Staycation and Staycation Dangers

All right. So aside from a few small things that need squaring away during the week, I’m on vacation next week. Well, staycation. I’m not leaving town, and planning on just doing stuff around the house.

Or not planning, really. It’s been hectic enough that I haven’t really thought through what I’ll be doing through the week. I know it’s a staycation, but I don’t have any goals or, well, vacation ideas.

Staycations tend not to work well for me.

I have a natural tendency to putter, and enjoyment of goofing around with games and stuff. So there’s a temptation to overcompensate and try to turn this into a “different work” week, where I’m booking my time full of house projects and things.

Essentially I’m trying to avoid two outcomes.

The first is I finish the week and it’s just kind of been a loooooong weekend. I end up anxious and depressed because I’ve “wasted” all this time.

The second is I finish the week and I’ve taken on a lot of stuff and feel like I’m not relaxed or recharged at all. Possibly stressed because there’s a lot left undone.

Both of these things can happen. Both have happened. They are my Staycation Dangers. They’re what I’m trying to avoid.

So today, the first day of Staycation Actual, I’m going to try to figure out something new. To actually not wing it this time. Sit down, plan, include flex for outdoor stuff/rainy days. Take some time to do it.

Because I’ve only got a few of these to burn, and a lot of stuff I could be doing…

  • Promote this podcast, sincerely and for real
  • Work on my new show/podcast
  • Learn to use my soldering kit to fix headphones
  • Build our kitchen island
  • Finish the cat wagon
  • Build a daybed
  • Organize my digital life — go through flles, archives, etc.
  • Canoe
  • Write songs that I owe people for like three months now
  • Play games
  • Goof off
  • Go to the movies
  • Play board games with my wife
  • Work on this website project I’ve been talking about for months

…so there’s lots there. Too much for one week. And I don’t want to do too much, and I don’t want to do too little.

Staycation! It’s great. It’s a pain in the neck.