Day 147: Nerd Commitments

It’s a beautiful day outside. And I feel like I’m stuck in the L’il Rascals trope of being in the classroom. Because I have nerd commitments. My new show is underway, I have a great interview to edit, but it needs editing. Which means I need to edit it. Here. At the computer. Indoors.

It’s going to take a couple hours, and when I’m done, I’ll have a tight 22-25 minutes of interview. Share that with the subject, get tracks, drop the tracks in, and Bob’s your uncle. It’s a good system.

But I want to be outsiiiiiiiiiiiide. Nerd commitments. I also need to work on the songs I promised people back in March.

The songs aren’t on a deadline, but the show certainly is. So I gotta do it. And I enjoy doing it.

But I don’t wanna.

I want to be outside gardening (which I normally don’t like), or at least puttering — not inside computer-stuffing. But nerd commitments have been made and have to be honoured.

Nerd commitments first, canoeing later.

I promised myself (and my wife) to get out on the water this afternoon, so I need to get this done. Make breakfast, buckle down, and nerd until noon. Then lunch, and then an afternoon of canoeing (and also, y’know, outdoor work and stuff. Tonight: Logan!

There’s lots to look forward to, I just need to knuckle into getting my chores out of the way, so to speak. And I enjoy working on the show! I just need to work on the show so I can get a clear conscience to get out on the water.

So: record this, make breakfast, and then hit the editing hard for a couple hours. Then an afternoon of fun.

I’m in my forties, and still having a “dessert first” problem with time scheduling. Shouldn’t I be an adult by now? Good lord.