Day 148: Staycation 1

Monday morning, and I’m not going to work! I’m taking a vacation week, but for financial and other reasons, just sticking to town. As mentioned earlier, I’ve got a list of projects for the week. I’ve roughly planned things out with my wife. I’m getting set.

Yesterday got a bit sidelined, though — emergency request to help a friend, which turned into a noon til almost 9 p.m. thing. So I’ve got a few things to tackle today that are held over from yesterday, which is fine. But it was a super late night, so I think I’m going to officially start my staycation with some extra sleep. Then exercise, then getting things on track.

Again, I have twin goals: 1. don’t take on too much, and 2. don’t take on too little.

And I need to keep up the exercise and the food logging. I had a break for a few days very recently, so while I’m not working at the office this week, staycation doesn’t mean hedonism.

So food logging is up right now, then about an hour of sleep, then… back on the horse. Staycation!