Day 154: Return to Work tomorrow

It’s my return  to work tomorrow! I ducked in for an afternoon last week for a meeting and to square some things away, and spent a couple hours chunking through email backlog. So it won’t be a complete day lost to catch-up, which is nice.

Staycations are always a bit… rough isn’t the word, but tricky for me to manage, mentally/emotionally. I think I came out of it okay. Not a ton of “relaxing” time, per se, but I finished a cool project with my wife. We built a day bed! Chunky, Swedish-style lumber. Biscuit joinery. Danish oil. All of that.

Return to work, and continuing the new normal.

Day Four today of “one day at a time” food management. It’s going well. Yesterday I actually wound up making a mid-day course correction for practical reasons, but I’m still pleased by adherence.

I’m excited to be applying the new food regiment in a back-to-work environment. I’m also kind of looking forward to getting back to it. It’s not an easy job most of the time, but it’s mine. And sometimes I surprise myself by realizing that I’m actually good at it.

Key things to bear in mind tomorrow:

  • Stress will be back! So stress eating will be the big enemy of the new regime. Gotta be good about managing that.
  • I don’t need to take everything that piled up on like it’s all a great emergency. Triage and schedule.
  • Non-work life is life. Work is work. Keep those priorities straight. The more settled I am with life-life, the better I’ll be at work-life.

So yes! Glad to be getting back to it. I’ve enjoyed the time off, and the construction and other home projects, but I’m looking forward to getting back to the grind. And staying on top of the stress eating in that environment.