Day 156: Back to Work Busy Brain

Back in the office yesterday after a week off — I keep meaning to take and post pictures of that day bed we made — and it’s fine. Stuff’s piled up, but not obscenely. A few new issues to tackle.

But sleep last night — oh boy. I’ve been doing really well with sleep recently, but yesterday was a 2 a.m. wake-up. Then a cavalcade of “let’s think of ALL THE THINGS” until some time after 3. Not bad things, necessarily. Not all stressful. But a lot of stuff rolling around in there to organize.

Getting Back to Sleep from Busy Brain is a Nightmare.

It’s almost impossible for me to get back to sleep once busy brain is active. Because the act of telling your brain it’s time for sleep is just giving it one more thing to think about. It is your brain’s most cunning trap.

“I have to get back to sleep or I’ll be a wreck tomorrow.”

“Yes, you’ll be a wreck. Then how will you handle meeting A, objective B, deadline C, milestone D, issue E…”

“We’re agreed, then: we need to get back to sleep.”

“Absolutely! Sleep is important, because without sleep we’ll be in no shape to manage meeting A. Hey, let’s start breaking down that meeting now, okay? What need to happen there, again? Who are the players? What will the issues that we need to manage going into it be?”

Busy Brain is recursive. That’s its secret weapon.

Stupid brain.

Up now, awake, exercised, and slightly caffeinated and I think I’m feeling good about it all again. But I need a better back-to-sleep mantra. My wife does a thing where she thinks of a short word and then starts with the first letter and thinks of all the words she can that begin with that letter. Then moves on to the next letter. Apparently that works for her. It doesn’t for me.

Music helps sometimes, but other times it’s just another distraction. I don’t know. If Busy Brain is returning, I’ll have to figure out new ways to contend.

Stupid brain.