Day 157: Take Time to Save the Snails

I was making pretty good time this morning — clipping through a 10k run, with a slighly new route, not going to set a personal best, but doing pretty good.

Then I almost stepped on this handsome fellow:

For context, the shell was about as big as my thumb at its widest point.

…and I dodged it and kept going.

For about ten feet.

And then I stopped.

Sometimes you just have to make time to save the snails.

So I said “screw it” to my run time that morning, walked back, picked the snail up, walked him to the other side of the road, and put him in the grass.

And it happened again a while later. At this point, any “good time” goal was screwed, so I just saved the other snail too.

Of course, I then spent the rest of the run wondering if this was an invasive species and if I’ve actually doomed us all by saving¬†gastropodus eatallthehumanicus¬†or something. But that’s just how I roll.

At any rate, not a hugely profound thought or anything, but sometimes saving the snail is more important than racking a good run time. Because some snails don’t deserve to get crushed because they made an ill-advised, if ambitious, decision.

Well, I’m off to look up invasive species.

Update: I think I’m good!¬†