Day 158: Sobriety thoughts

Sobriety’s been going well. It’s been interesting how this project, which I thought would be a lot about sobriety, has changed. Partly because sobreity’s been going so well. I’m going to indulge in some sobriety thoughts.

So it’s been a while since I’ve really thought about it, and what’s changed since I started not drinking in January of this year.

The honest answer is: not much.

It hasn’t affected my relationship with my wife; there’s been a bit of a leisure trade-off in terms of we spend less together time having kind of boozy weekends. But we spend more time doing stuff together, I think, which is cool.

It hasn’t affected my work life; again a trade-off where I’m having fewer after-work pub get-togethers with colleagues, and more lunches. But the quality and quantity is about the same. My sobriety thoughts are pretty much the same as my boozy thoughts when it comes to ideas and creativity, so I’m not missing the post-work, pub-bound ‘inspiration’ I thought might be helping me professionally.

It’s definitely helped our budget. Not astronomically, but it’s definitely been good, while my wife is out of work, to be cutting down on those $60 outings for lunch that turns into lunch and a few pints.

As we established at Day 150, it has absolutely not helped my weight at all. That’s a food problem. Being addressed.

But I guess my key takeaway here is that not drinking isn’t a transformational Eat Pray Love magical bullshit experience. On the other hand, I think the most profound message is that it’s no big deal. That bears repeating.

Sobriety thoughts: not drinking is no big deal.

By which I mean it’s not hurting my work, my lifestyle, or my friendships. It’s a big deal as a personal goal and a personal triumph. But it’s not a life-changer in either the positive or negative sense.

It’s been pretty amazing how much people are either actively supportive, or — and this is weirdly more important in some ways — don’t really care. Because there’s always the fear that support is insincere. Indifference is very trustworthy.

So it’s going really well. I’m glad I’m doing it.