Day 160: Hello Again, Busy Brain

Despite my best efforts to keep stress under wraps, busy brain again jumped all over my sleep last night. Well, that and a massively long dream about being befriended by a semi-homeless man who makes and sells cornhusk dolls, and whose dream is to have those cornhusk dolls used by human resource managers to create object lessons about sharing in the workplace.

So spent last night either awake. Or feeling vaguely threatened by a man who kept trying to get me to buy cornhusk dolls. And very large diagrams of how to deploy them in a management context. Oh, and binders.

As a result, I’m a bit… dazed this morning, which is not great. Hopefully a strong cup of coffee and the radio show with my wife will straighten that out.

Now that I’ve got busy brain again, it’s time to either take another run at directly managing stress, or find distraction tactics.

It’s a jam-packed day ahead of me today, but I’m going to divert some leisure time. Reading up and looking into what to do with a brain that wakes you up.

Sleep is super important, you guys. I didn’t really figure that out for a while. But now I’m completely on Team Sleep Is Fundamental. So it’s important to figure out my busy brain again, and try to get at least seven hours a night.

This is the objective today. Busy brain tactics.